Fuck Cancer: The Cancer Talk WordPress Build with Varitalk App

Project Info

The Fuck Cancer team came to us with an inspirational voicemail campaign idea – an easy and fun way to break the ice with your parents (or loved ones) about early cancer detection.

The Cancer Talk microsite is a custom built WordPress site, a simple and effective design with strong call to actions. Get started by visiting the Cancer Talk microsite and selecting either Fran Drescher, Michael Windslow, or Dr. Deepak Chopra. Fill in a few of the customizable fields including your loved one’s phone number, then preview the voice message and hit send. Your personalized celebrity voicemail will sure to be a great way to begin a conversation about early detection of cancer, family history, personal risk factors, and more.

According to the Cancer Talk site, parents are most likely to take the advice of their children over that of their parents, friends and even medial professionals. If found early, 90% of cancers can be treated. Fuck Cancer is providing cheat sheets, information and tips on specific cancers. The campaign is taking off with the help from The Huffington Post and Mashable.  They gave you the sex talk, now give them the cancer talk.

After several weeks of the site being live, the FCancer team received feedback from users and we enjoyed working closely with the FCancer team to identify and revise areas of the site. We used custom development to ensure designs were properly translated into editable modules in WordPress, for easy updates. The results are in and the page speaks for itself. The Cancer Talk site now features:

  • Celebrity videos large, front and centre. Nearly full screen, the videos act has a great hook to get people onto the site and they keep users engaged, increasing the time on site.
  • The videos are played on a new video player, DailyMotion.
  • The site now allows for FCancer to continually make videos and update the site regularly.

Watch all the awkward sex videos of Adrian Grenier, Terrell Owens, Perez Hilton, Deepak Chopra and more on Fuck Cancer’s YouTube channel.

Campaign Stats

This initiative engaged the youth with celebrity sex talk videos then intrigued their parents with personalized celebrity voicemails, and finally, activated them to have the talk with the support of a personalized step by step guide provided by Fuck Cancer.

  • 99,747+ YouTube views
  • Over 54 million impressions
  • Thousands of kids had The Cancer Talk

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