Fuck Cancer: Touching Ourselves Memelabs Video Contest

Project Info

We were excited to work on Fuck Cancer’s first ever video contest produced in partnership with their friends at Funny or Die! After months of hard work, disturbing brainstorming sessions and inappropriate film takes, Touching Ourselves! was ready to launch. We all know that cancer screenings can get weird. So instead of hiding the unique joys of touching ourselves to look for cancer, we decided to make it a competition!

We engaged their core audience to showcase their most hilarious and absurd self-exam situations that also teach people about the importance of early detection. First, users visited the website to get educated on how to check for cancer. Then, they created a sketch or script that exposes the inescapable humour of performing a cancer screening or self-exam. After uploading the videos to the custom-built microsite, users could share their videos and leave comments. The winner was selected by a panel of judges and posted to FCancer’s YouTube channel.

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